I’m Senior Research Scientist in the Social Mind Center and the Department of Cognitive Science, at Central European University, Budapest.

In particular I study communication, and how it makes us human.

My first book, Speaking Our Minds, was reviewed as “The most important and the best book ever written on the evolution of language” and “The best linguistics book I’ve read in 10 years”. See here for details and more reviews.

I’ve written short pieces for outlets such as Aeon, Scientific American, The Conversation; and I’ve given public talks for TEDxBritish Humanist Association, Skeptics In The Pub, Digital Science and others. Academic articles and broader interests span cultural evolution, primate communication, language acquisition, philosophy of language, and others.

In my spare time I dance the lindy hop. Avidly.

My email is scott-phillipst at ceu dot edu and on twitter I’m @tscottphillips.